Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does it work?
A. Contact us for an initial consultation, a broad estimate in an email or to schedule an examination at the studio. Telephone inquiries and email communications are free. The in-studio examination and consultation will address the artwork’s condition, treatment time, and cost estimates free of charge. On-site examination of your artwork or collection can be arranged based on an hourly fee. If you decide to proceed to the next step, the object is left in our care and a formal written proposal for treatment is prepared. Insurance for the artwork while in our care will be addressed on this document.

Q. Does the value of the artwork affect the cost of the treatment?
A. No. The treatment cost is based solely on the restoration and preservation needs of the object. The total cost of treatment is calculated using a spreadsheet and is determined by the complexity of conservation procedures necessary for the size of the damage.

Q. How can I get a broad estimate in an email?
A. Please send a description of the damage including dimensions and photographs (preferably in JPEG format) or click here to fill out our form.

Q. How accurate is an email estimate?
A. An email estimate is based on the information provided. This estimate represents typical treatment cost for a particular type of damage. This is only designed to provide a general idea of cost. For a more accurate estimate, the work needs to be examined in person.

Q. Will there be a charge for an examination of the artwork and final estimate?
A. No. We will be happy to discuss all available treatment options with cost estimate free of charge.

Q. When will a formal treatment proposal be prepared and is there a fee for this report?
A. If the final estimate meets with your approval, a formal written condition report and treatment proposal along with contractual terms will be prepared. There is a small fee for this report, which will be waived if the proposal is accepted.

Q. Will I need to leave a deposit?
A. Yes. With some exceptions, we ask that the client leave a deposit based on a percentage of the total estimated cost, upon approval of the treatment proposal.

Q. When will treatment commence?
A. Conservation treatment will begin as soon as we receive the client's signed authorization and deposit.

Q. Do you provide insurance for the artwork during treatment?
A. Yes. Artworks are insured while in the studio by a fine art conservator insurance covered by AXA Art Insurance Corporation for the amount that you specify.

Q. How do I handle transportation of the artwork to the sudio?
A. Professional shipping services are highly recommended for large works or items of high value, but are not required. If you choose to bring the artwork in person, you may contact us for advice on handling and transport. Transportation of small paintings is available upon request for a modest fee.

Q. How long will it take to complete treatment?
A. Conservation procedures can be time consuming. However, most projects are completed within eight weeks. Treatment time will vary depending on the complexity of the project and the number of works in progress. Treatments are carried out in the order they are received. We can make a special arrangement, if the treatment needs to be completed by a certain date.

Q. Do you provide appraisals or valuations?
A. No. "The conservation professional must not provide a formal or informal appraisal of a cultural property when the same conservation professional may treat it." -(AIC) However, we can provide a list of reputable dealers and appraisers, as well as other options to fit your need.

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