Hammer Conservation provides the following services

Painting conservation and restoration
Paintings include works on various surfaces (canvas/ fabric, paper, fiberboard, masonite, metal, wood, plastic) of all sizes as well as polychrome (painted) sculpture, 19th century to contemporary.

This includes:
Examination of condition
Systematic investigation of the structure, materials, and physical state of the work of art. Identification of the extent and cause of the damage to gather relevant information about condition and to formulate an appropriate plan for preservation and treatment.

Condition report and treatment proposal
Preparation of a simple or in-depth report identifying the materials and methods used in the construction of the object, assessing of its current condition and detailing a recommended treatment plan along with alternative treatment options.

Treatment report
Written documentation recording the treatment procedure and observations.

Additional services

Written reports and photographic documentation for insurance purposes

Condition examination of objects prior to purchase

Collection condition assessment and cataloging

Art installation

Transport of paintings up to 36 upon request

Photographic documentation beyond the standard record of treatment

Onsite treatment
Treatment in situ for objects that are unable to be delivered to the studio.

Onsite examination
On-site condition evaluation and treatment proposal with cost estimate.

Fabrication and materials consultation for artists
Simple consultation can be given at no charge

Free services

Preliminary examination and cost estimate

Broad estimate via e-mail

General preservation consultation and recommendation for care and maintenance.
Click here for more information from The American Institute for Conservation on caring for your treasures

Professional referral for appraisal and framing services, as well as conservation services outside our field of expertise.

Advice on handling, packing, transport, shipping and storage.Hammer Conservation specializes in the care and treatment of individual or entire collections of 19th century to contemporary paintings including oversized works and painted objects.